Google Search Statistics 2024: How many google searches per day?

Source: StatCounter Google owns 91.85% of the market share in web search. It roughly accounts for 4.71 billion internet users out of 5.18 billion internet users who use Google.  Despite the rise of AI chatbots and claims it will replace Google, it’s hard to break a habit people had 25 years to form.  People still … Read more

97+ Social Media Statistics for 2024

An average social media user scrolls their feed for 2 hours and 24 minutes daily. They also hop between 6 to 7 platforms.  Target these platforms, and you will be exactly where your audience is.  Although, how do you know which 2-3 sites to focus your energy on? Do you build a presence on all … Read more

How Much Data Is Created Every Day

In the digital age, data surges like an unstoppable tide. In 2024, the data universe is set to witness an astonishing surge, with a mind-boggling 23.71% increase over the preceding year, resulting in a staggering 120 zettabytes of data estimated to be produced this year! Currently, over 44 zettabytes of data exist in this vast … Read more

What percentage of web traffic is mobile? Mobile Internet Traffic 2024

There is no denying the fact that mobile web traffic has grown significantly over the years across the world. So much so, that mobile usage now accounts for more web traffic than desktop. In terms of the overall internet usage worldwide, mobile usage holds 55% while desktop usage holds 43%.  One of the main reasons … Read more

Social Media Users 2024: Which Country Uses Social Media the Most?

If any form of media has become our staple, you would know it is social media. After all, leading social media platforms like Facebook have a whopping 2,958 million monthly active users. Every other popular social media following Facebook in worldwide rankings also has monthly active users in millions. It is more interesting to see … Read more