eBay Statistics For 2024 (2023)- how many people use ebay

eBay is the second-most visited eCommerce site and the site with the second most mobile traffic worldwide. The marketplace is also present in 190 countries, though its strongest market is in the US and the UK. 

eBay started off as an auction site, where second hand goods would be sold to the highest bidder. Now, more new products are listed on the website than second-hand ones. 

While this kind of transition speaks to the shop’s success, it does mean marketers might have to change their strategy while promoting on eBay. The following eBay statistics for 2023 might help you determine.

eBay Statistics Highlights 2023 (Top Picks)

  • The most expensive item bought on eBay, a superyacht, cost the buyer $168 million. 
  • eBay had 1.7 billion live listings at the end of the year.
  • eBay accumulated $10.060 in revenue at the end of the year. 
  • Gross Merchandise Volume was $18 billion. 
  • eBay’s market cap touched $23.37 billion in 2023. 
  • eBay spent $1.2 billion in advertising in 2022. 
  • Over 500K luxury items are listed on eBay. 
  • 8% of eBay sellers sell outside the country. 

eBay Business Statistics 2023 – 2024

Key Metrics:

  • eBay is the second most popular e-commerce platform in the US based on number of visits.
  • eBay managed to return $783 million to its shareholders in the last quarters of 2023.
  • 35.91 of 73.9 billion transactions occurring on eBay were from the United States. 
  • eBay recorded 2.98 billion monthly traffic in 2022. 

eBay’s Annual Revenue Increased

eBay’s annual revenue for 2023 was $10.060 billion. It was a 1.64% increase over 2022, when the revenue was  $9.795 billion. This meant not only eBay’s revenue increase, but it bounced up from its 6% decline in 2022.

From 2019 to 2021, eBay experienced its biggest pickup in revenue. It’s no coincidence it was also the time of the pandemic, which is why the drop in revenue rate from 2021 to 2020 was bigger than expected. 

YearAnnual Net Revenue
20138.25 billion
20148.79 billion
20158.59 billion 
20169.29 billion
20179.92 billion
20188.65 billion
20197.42 billion
20208.89 billion
202110.42 billion
20229.79 billion

eBay continues to show strong results even at the quarter ending of 2023 with $2.5 billion

eBay Sales Statistics 2023 

$18 billion in goods were bought and sold in the eBay marketplace in 2023. The number was $17.6 billion in 2022. This means Gross Merchandise Volume went up by 2%, despite the platform losing active buyers. 

Then, what are the goods preferred all over the platform?

Electronic Products Are Sold The Most On eBay

16.4% of items sold on eBay fall into the electronics and accessories category. The next popular category is Clothing and accessories at 13.8%. Automotive is close behind with 10.5% and Health and Beauty have a 6.8% market share. 

This matches with what users search for on eBay

While it makes sense that a product auction site would sell electronic items more, it is surprising that clothes can give it good competition. Although, the movement for sustainability might have something to do with this, as it would be considered a form of thrifting.  

Now, if you are planning on selling electronic goods, make sure most of them have Bluetooth capabilities. 5 of the 12 most sold electronic items on eBay have Bluetooth in them. 

Cell Phones Have a Huge Market

Cell phones, covers, and screen protectors are both sold and listed on eBay frequently. Considering, 96% of the US owns a cellphone, we can guess where the buyers are coming from. 

Fashion Brands Attracts Bidders

eBay is not only a place for second-hand goods. Fashion brands also attract a large number of bidders on the platform. The most popular ones are Topshop, Nike, Zara, and Tommy Hilfiger. 

US eBay Sales

The average eBay buyer in the US spends $700 per year on the website. A US buyers who bought a sneaker worth $100, is likely to spend $2400 on eBay. 

The average spending on car parts and accessories is about $1200. The average buyer spends the most on watches at $18,000 and next on handbags at $8000. This spending would likely go higher with the “Certified By Brand” program introduced on eBay. 

Least Sold Item On eBay

Software and mobile apps are the least sold items on eBay at 2.1%. This should not come as a surprise. While electronic goods are in high demand if someone had to buy software, they would likely prefer the App Store, Play Store, or even Softonic. 

Flowers and gifts and shoes are the second lowest sold product, at 2.8%. Again, this is expected, as shoe sizes are hard to guess and people prefer ordering fresh flowers. 

Mobile Device Plays A Big Part In eBay Sales

$11.6 billion of eBay’s Gross Merchandise Volume came from mobile phones. More than half of the transaction that takes place on eBay are first viewed with a mobile and then carried out, whether on mobile or desktop. 

If you are planning on selling on eBay, you need to optimize for mobile. Users may not make a purchase when they are on their phone, but it is where they have the biggest chance of coming across your listed products. 

Not to mention 61% of eBay sales take place on a mobile phone. 

eBay Buyer Statistics 2024

Key Metrics:

  • 14% of digital buyers turn to eBay for cross-border purchases. 
  • YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit send the most traffic from social media platforms to eBay at 49.54%, 17.83%, and 13.85%. 
  • eBay had over 10 billion listings at one point. 
  • 66 million shoppers open the eBay mobile app every month. 

eBay Has More Active Buyers Than Users

eBay had 132 million active buyers in 2023. This is a 4.3% decrease from 2022, although lesser buyers haven’t affected the net revenue, increasing it instead. The 2022 buyer figure was 138 million. 

129 million users were active on eBay in 2023. This means at least 4 million users only scrolled through the platform without buying anything. Of course, you could assume they were the sellers, but according to the number of reported total sellers, this is unlikely. 

Over 80% of eBay Shoppers Are From the US

80.1% of eBay’s buyer traffic is from the US. Mexico sends a mere 1.25% of the traffic, though it is in second place. Canada sends 1,19% of traffic in third place. 

UK, curiously, only has 0.88% of eBay buyers but 29% of sellers

Majority of eBay Shoppers Are Millenials

24.76% of eBay buyers are 25 to 24 years old worldwide. The second highest age demographic is 35 to 44 years old at 19.57%.

It makes sense that teenagers don’t have the money to purchase from eBay while Gen X and Boomers may feel wary about buying from an individual online seller. 

We see this trend maintained even for respective countries. 55% of eBay shoppers in the UK are 25 to 34 years old. Things are slightly different in the US, where 25 to 34 years old are the second highest number of eBay shoppers at 36%. The 18 to 24 years age range is first with 39% of eBay buyers

eBay Is Losing It’s Older Audience

Up until 2019, 61% of eBay buyers were 35 to 64 years old. This has changed significantly since the pandemic, with eBay losing older buyers and making room for millennials. 

Even so, it might be smart to target eBay buyers by promoting through Facebook rather than TikTok. Millennials make up the most prominent Facebook audience at 17.6% and the website also has a strong user base of Gen X and Boomers, compared to TikTok. 

More Male Buyers, Than Female Buyers

60.78% of eBay users are male, compared to 39.22% of female users. This could be for two reasons. One is eBay’s product listing, which has always favored typically men-oriented products. 

Another is the trend of men spending more online than women. 84.3% of men have bought something online, compared to 77% of women. 

eBay also gets 15.44% of its social traffic from Reddit, supporting the theory most buyers are male, as it is a site with high number of male users. 

80% of eBay’s Products Are New

eBay started as an auction platform, where most products listed were second-hand. However, over 80% of products sold on eBay are new products now.  

88% of products on eBay are now “Buy It Now.” In other words, only 12% of eBay products are now auctioned and sold to the highest bidder. 

Users Heavily Opt For Free Shipping

71% of products sold on eBay are shipped for free. Even if you don’t sell your products for free, you should consider adding the shipping cost to the total product cost instead of listing it separately.

In general, 73% of customers are likely to hit the Buy Now button if the product includes free shipping. 

eBay Seller Statistics 2024

Most of eBay’s sellers live in the US and the UK. However, a surprising percentage is also found in China, though the site itself does not operate inside the country. 

 eBay Gets Majority of Its Sellers From The US

31% of eBay sellers live in the US. The UK is a close second with 29% of buyers. This might have something to do with the sellers in the first-world countries having better resources to arrange for cross-border purchases.  

Germany and China have the third and fourth most market share, with 15% and 12% of eBay users. eBay isn’t available in China, and so, most Chinese sellers pretend to be from the US. 

Unbalanced Product Listing Compared To Sellers

eBay had 18 million sellers in 2023. This number has decreased from 2022 when there were 19 million sellers. Additionally, only about 17 million sellers are active on the site. 

Comparatively, 1.7 billion listings were live at the end of the year. This means current eBay sellers are active and gaining enough profit to continue listing on eBay. 

To top it off, the site receives over 1.2 billion visits each month. There is a market for products and sellers on eBay. 

To top it off, there are 885,000 eBay stores in the market. 

Only 5% of eBay Sellers Pay For Promotions

About 940,000 eBay sellers pay for “Promoted Listings.” This means their products would appear higher on search pages and would almost appear organic to most buyers. Over 250 million listings is promoted with this tactic. 

Over 13 million eBay sellers also opt for managed payment. What this essentially does is allow eBay to manage the payment of the sellers, taking the load off. 

eBay Sellers Earn Over $139,000

The average eBay seller earns over $$139,962 per year in the US. Even the lower-end sellers make over $33,000. 

Globally, eBay sellers earn $40,500 to $77,00 on average

95% Sellers Trust eBay

94% of sellers claim they rely on eBay for the success of their business. The small business report was created after surveying 4334 eBay sellers, offering a pretty unbiased view. 

29% of sellers claim their business would not exist if not for eBay. Another 29% claim eBay was vital in growing their business. 36% are heavily reliant on eBay. 

But exactly how are sellers benefitting from eBay? Well, 3 out of 4 businesses have found a brand new market on eBay, finding niches they did not even know existed before. was the most popular seller on eBay for the year 2023 with 138,000 feedback ratings in a month. A close second was worldofbooks08 with  118,710 feedback on eBay. 

Final Thoughts

Well, now you have all the facts about eBay. You know what sells, in which country, and who are the buyers. You also know where sellers have the most competition and the changes in eBay for the coming years. 

Now, all you need to do is create a winning marketing strategy for eBay. According to most eBay sellers, whether you think of eBay as the main marketplace or not, it is not something you should skip while creating your eCommerce strategy. 

With decreasing competition, you might even have the chance to catch a good percentage of the market. Because when buyers on eBay buy, they are willing to spend a good amount. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, eBay is still popular in 2023. While eBay has lost some of its global relevance, it remains the second most visited eCommerce site in the US, which has always been its biggest market. 

eBay also has a good percentage of buyers from the UK and Canada. 1.6 million Android users open the eBay app every day. The marketplace also has over 100 million downloads in the app store. And so, the store might not be at its peak, but it’s a popular enough marketplace to earn as a seller. 

2. How many people use eBay?

eBay had over 132 million active users in 2023. The year before, eBay had 138 million active users. It is clear eBay is losing its total share of users every year. 

However, eBay has far fewer sellers compared to the number of active buyers. While 18 million sellers still operate on the website, only 5% bother to pay for promotions. If you promote to the eBay buyers properly, you have the opportunity to earn over $139,000 per year. 

3. What percentage of items sell on eBay?

Only 40% of items listed on eBay are sold. This means 60% of items never get sold or are bought next year. 

According to eBay sellers, it is also impossible to predict the sale-through rate on eBay. One day you might sell zero product, while another, all 90% of it. 

Is it still lucrative to sell on eBay? Yes, because many of the items sold are second-hand, so sellers don’t have to keep capital aside for buying products to sell.