How Much Data Is Created Every Day

In the digital age, data surges like an unstoppable tide. In 2024, the data universe is set to witness an astonishing surge, with a mind-boggling 23.71% increase over the preceding year, resulting in a staggering 120 zettabytes of data estimated to be produced this year! Currently, over 44 zettabytes of data exist in this vast expanse, with a staggering 70% of it being user-generated.

Quick Snapshot: How Much Data Is Created Every Day

How much data is there in the world?

The world’s data landscape is on the verge of an explosive transformation, with an expected surge to a staggering 181 zettabytes by 2025! This immense volume of data is set to redefine the digital universe! Moreover, this excludes data found in books, magazines, and other physical sources.

How many zettabytes is the internet?

What about the internet itself? It’s no slouch either, with approximately 64.2 zettabytes of data generated in 2020, projected to increase by a staggering 182%! 

How much data is transferred over the internet daily?

Now, let’s talk about daily data transfers over the internet. While it’s a challenging number to pin down precisely, experts estimate that a mind-boggling 328.77 million terabytes of data are created each day, fueling our digital interactions.

How many exabytes are created every 2 days?

Here’s the real kicker: the rate of data creation has reached unprecedented levels. Just consider this – it took all of human history until 2003 to generate 5 exabytes of information. Today, that much data is churned out every two days!

How much data is collected every day?

Speaking of daily data collection, a colossal 59 petabytes of data were collected and consumed in 2021 alone. This staggering figure encompasses the vast realm of personal data collected each day, painting a picture of the ever-expanding digital footprint we leave behind.

How Fast Is Data Growing Over The Years?

Through secondary research, we have collected data consumption and creation over the years. This section highlights the numbers over the years and tries to draw inspiration for inferences throughout the article. 

Source: Statista

Here is what the chart conveys about data consumption and creation over the years. 

Exponential Growth: The data volume growth from 2022 to 2023 alone is monumental, marking a 23 zettabyte jump, which is more data than what was generated annually a decade ago in 2013!

Consistent Upward Trajectory: The trajectory of data creation has been consistently upward, with a remarkable 150% increase from 2010 to 2011, and a cumulative 600% surge from 2010 to 2023!

Recent Acceleration: Notably, the pace of growth has been accelerating in the last few years, with 2018 to 2019 witnessing a 24.24% increase, and 2021 to 2022 registering a remarkable 22.78% surge. These leaps are a testament to the relentless expansion of our digital world.

2023: A Landmark Year: 2023 is not just another year in the digital world; it’s a milestone, crossing the 100 zettabyte threshold, which seemed unimaginable merely a decade ago!

Breathtaking Outlook: Looking ahead, the data juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down, with a projected 181 zettabytes by 2025! This is data on a scale that demands a double-take, and maybe even a re-read of these incredible statistics!

Insights into Traffic Generated Based on Data Type

The Dominance of Video

At the pinnacle of the data hierarchy stands video, reigning supreme with a staggering 53.72% share of internet data traffic! Whether it’s streaming, vlogging, or binge-watching, video content propels the digital universe forward.

The Societal Impact of Social Media

Social media, a global phenomenon, captures hearts and minds, accounting for 12.69% of data traffic. The posts, likes, and shares create an interconnected digital society.

Gaming: A Digital Playground

Gamers worldwide unite, contributing 9.86% of internet data traffic! The virtual worlds they explore and conquer are a testament to the immersive power of gaming.

Browsing the Web: A Fundamental Activity

Web browsing, the very essence of our online existence, claims 5.67% of data traffic. Every click, search, and visit adds to the vast web of information.

The Rise of Messaging Apps

Messaging apps, fostering instant connections, generate 5.35% of data traffic. Each message sent and received adds to the global conversation.

Marketplaces and E-Commerce

Marketplaces facilitate the exchange of goods and services, constituting 4.54% of data traffic. The digital marketplace revolutionizes the way we shop.

File Sharing and Collaboration

File sharing, an integral part of modern work and life, contributes 3.74% of data traffic. Sharing documents, photos, and files keeps the digital world turning.

The Cloud’s Data Oasis

The cloud, a digital haven, stores 2.73% of data traffic, hosting our documents, photos, and memories in a virtual vault.

Security Through VPNs

VPNs safeguard our online presence, making up 1.39% of data traffic. Privacy-conscious users seek refuge in encrypted tunnels.

The Harmony of Audio

Audio, though a smaller slice at 0.31%, provides the soundtrack to our digital journeys, from music streaming to podcasts.

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#1: Social Media and User-Generated Content

  • Interactions Per Person: Prepare to be amazed! In 2010, the average person had 298 daily data interactions. Fast forward to 2025, and it’s an astonishing 5,000 interactions per day! Mind-blowing growth!
  • Snaps Shared on Snapchat: Users share 3.5 billion snapshots on Snapchat every day, creating a visual diary of moments!
  • Content Shared on Facebook: Facebook alone sees 2.45 billion pieces of content shared daily, from posts to photos, fostering an ever-expanding digital archive.
  • Tweets Shared on Twitter: Twitter users chime in with 499 million tweets per day, a constant stream of opinions and news.
  • Content Shared on Instagram: Instagram users share about 95 million pieces daily across the globe. 
  • Emails Sent: Every minute witnesses a staggering 333.22 billion emails sent globally, making it a colossal repository of written communication and data.
  • Texts Sent: With 23.04 billion texts sent every minute, our conversations generate a digital tapestry of words and emotions.
  • Swipes on Tinder: Love in the digital age results in 1.58 million swipes per minute on Tinder, producing mountains of user preference data.

#2: Video and Streaming Services 

Streaming services reign as digital giants, captivating audiences with a staggering 1.44 billion hours of daily content consumption. In parallel, YouTube emerges as a content colossus, witnessing the upload of 7,20,000 hours of video content each day. This relentless surge of digital media creates a data goldmine, shaping the landscape of modern entertainment and information dissemination.

#3: Blogging Statistics Unveiled

A Blogging Frenzy: Brace yourselves for the blogging bonanza! Each day, an astounding 7.5 million blog posts flood the digital realm, a testament to the boundless creativity of content creators worldwide!

Daily Blogging Devotees: Surprisingly, only 1% of bloggers are the true daily champions, consistently posting articles every day! It takes dedication to keep up with the relentless pace of the blogosphere!

WordPress Wonderland: The world’s love affair with WordPress is evident, with a staggering 5 million WordPress blogs born into existence daily! It’s the go-to platform for countless aspiring bloggers!

Satisfaction in Multitudes: For the prolific bloggers who publish multiple posts daily, there’s a sense of accomplishment! A whopping 46% of them feel satisfied with their daily content grind!

Blogging Enthusiasts: Despite the deluge of content, there’s a dedicated readership! Remarkably, 11% of people make it a habit to read blogs every single day, seeking insights, knowledge, and entertainment in the blogosphere!

#4: The IoT Revolution

Cellular IoT Connections Soar: The adoption of IoT devices is soaring, and by 2023, the number of cellular IoT connections is set to surpass 15.14 billion! Asia is taking the lead, with experts predicting that North East Asia alone will host over 70% of the IoT devices!

Rapid Internet Hook-Ups: The world is becoming more connected by the second. In 2019, an astounding 127 new devices per second joined the internet, driven by regions with widespread internet access. Smart home statistics reveal the relentless march of IoT!

New Connections Every Minute: Fast forward to 2025, and the IoT frenzy is unstoppable. Vernon Turner of IDC predicts a staggering 80 billion devices connected to the internet! And, astonishingly, every single minute, approximately 152,000 IoT devices will link up to the digital realm!

Exponential Data Surge: Brace yourselves for the IoT data explosion! By 2025, IoT devices are projected to generate a jaw-dropping 73.1 Zettabytes (ZB) of data, a mind-boggling 422% increase from 2019’s 17.3 ZB output! One Zettabyte equals a billion terabytes or a trillion gigabytes – that’s data on a cosmic scale!

#5: How much data does Google collect daily:

Google’s Daily Search Spectacle: Every day, the world conducts an astonishing 8.5 billion searches on Google, equivalent to a lightning-fast 99,000 searches per second! Hold onto your virtual hats!

Search Engines and Information Retrieval 

Unique Quests Abound: A whopping 15% of these Google searches are unique, resulting in an astounding 1.275 billion unique queries daily! It’s a testament to the diverse tapestry of human curiosity!

Individual Searches Pile Up: If you are wondering how much data does a person generate per day using search engines, here’s your answer. On average, each person contributes to this search extravaganza with 3 to 4 Google searches every day. The quest for knowledge and answers is ceaseless!

Ever-Expanding Search Volume: Google’s thirst for information is insatiable! Its total search volume swells by a remarkable 10 to 15% every year, reflecting the ever-growing appetite for knowledge.

Visual Searches with Google Lens: Google Lens, a visual search tool, dazzles with 8 billion searches per month! The world is increasingly relying on images to find what it seeks.

The Rise of Voice Search: The future of search is vocal! More than 20% of searches in the Google App are now carried out using voice, ushering in a new era of hands-free information retrieval!

Google’s Gigantic Index: The backbone of Google’s prowess is its search index, a colossal repository comprising more than 100,000,000 gigabytes (GB) of data! It’s a digital library beyond imagination,  illustrating just how much data Google collects daily!

#6: Industry Specific Data Statistics

Cloud Computing’s Skyrocketing Growth

By 2025, cloud storage is set to reach a staggering 100 zettabytes, equivalent to one trillion gigabytes! This digital vault in the sky will store half of the world’s total data, a monumental shift from just 25 percent in 2015. A zettabyte, for perspective, is a billion terabytes!

Healthcare’s Data Deluge

The healthcare sector is a powerhouse of data production, churning out a colossal 50 petabytes annually! To put this into context, it’s more than twice the Library of Congress’s data, amounting to 137 terabytes per day. Today, healthcare contributes 30% of global data volume, and by 2025, it’s projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 36%. This outpaces data growth in manufacturing, financial services, and media & entertainment!

Autonomous Vehicles: Data Factories on Wheels

Autonomous vehicles, armed with a plethora of sensors and GPUs, generate an astonishing 4,000 GB (4TB) of data daily! These data-hungry machines are at the forefront of the transportation revolution, amassing terabytes of information every day.

The Digital Anatomy of ChatGPT

Even AI models like ChatGPT are data giants! Trained on a staggering 300 billion words and boasting 570 gigabytes of text data, these digital entities exemplify the data-driven nature of modern technology. They are the product of an ever-expanding digital universe!

Insights into Regional Data Creation: How Much Data Is Created Every Day

The Dominance of the United States

Unsurprisingly, the United States takes the lead, with a staggering 5,375 data centers! This North American giant stands at the forefront of the digital revolution, fueling the world’s data appetite with its vast infrastructure.

Europe’s Data Powerhouses

Europe follows closely, with Germany, the UK, and an array of nations contributing to a total of 3,319 data centers. Germany leads the European charge with 487 centers, showcasing its technological prowess.

Asia’s Digital Rise

Asia is no stranger to the data game, with China and Japan securing positions in the top 10. China boasts 448 data centers, a testament to its digital innovation, while Japan, with 218 centers, showcases its technological might.

North America’s Digital Fortitude

Canada and Mexico, in addition to the United States, bolster North America’s data dominance. Together, they host a formidable 5,713 data centers, catering to the continent’s voracious data appetite.

Oceania and the Rest of the World

Australia, with 306 data centers, spearheads Oceania’s data landscape. The Netherlands, France, and Russia, each with over 150 data centers, are forces to be reckoned with in the global data arena.

Bottom Line And The Future of Data Creation 

The Future of Daily Data CreationThe path of daily data creation is a breathtaking journey into the digital era’s heart. From 2020 to 2025, the numbers unveil a staggering surge, showcasing relentless growth:

  • 2020 to 2023: Experiencing an exponential surge, data creation witnessed an awe-inspiring increase, growing from 64.2 Zettabytes to a mind-boggling 120 Zettabytes in 2023!
  • 2023 to 2025: The journey doesn’t stop there; it propels forward with undeterred momentum. By 2025, we’re projected to reach an astounding 181 Zettabytes of daily data creation, cementing the digital age’s unrelenting expansion!

The trajectory showcases a relentless upward climb, with the future promising data on a scale that demands a double-take and perhaps a re-read of these incredible statistics!