Instagram Reels Statistics 2024 (how many reels per day)

Did you know that Instagram Reels get 22% more engagement than normal videos? One Instagram Reel even got over 12 million likes.

Also, over 90% of users watch Instagram videos every week. All these stats highlight how powerful the Instagram reels can be in reaching a wide audience base.

Ready to explore some of the best instagram reel statistics? Keep reading!

Instagram Reels Statistics 2024 (Top Picks)

  • The most viewed Instagram Reel has 289 million views and over 12 million likes.
  • On average, Instagram Reels get 2.54% view rate compared to 1.74% for regular videos.
  • The most active Reels viewers are aged 16-24 and 25-34, each making up 30% of the audience.
  • Over 200 billion Reels are played daily across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Instagram users spend 17.6 million hours daily watching Reels.
  • 91% of Instagram users watch videos on the platform weekly.
  • Reels with 100,000+ views are considered viral.
  • Active brands on Instagram post about 17 times per month.
  • Reels get 22% more engagement than standard videos.
  • TikTok has higher engagement for creators with over 100k followers.

Instagram Reels Engagement Rate 2024

The 10 most popular Instagram Reels each have over 100 million views.

Most Viewed Reels on Instagram (Examples)

Learn from Khaby289 million
Not all kids are fun270 million
Blink & Express by Shivanjali Porje260 million
Learn from Khaby249 million
I had the impression the fish was still alive230 million

Source: Yahoo Life

“Learn from Khaby” – 289 Million Views

Khaby Lame’s reel, “Learn from Khaby,” sits at the top with 289 million views. This reel shows him double-checking an iron, a relatable task that resonates with many.

What makes it special? It’s the humor and simplicity. Khaby doesn’t need words to make people laugh. His expression says it all. The reel has over 12 million likes, showing just how much people enjoy his unique, silent comedy.

“Not all kids are fun” – 270 Million Views

In this reel, also by Khaby Lame, we see him interacting with a kid at a traffic signal. The kid’s unexpected reaction and Khaby’s hilarious facial expressions afterwards make this a hit.

With 270 million views and over 20 million likes, it’s clear that Khaby’s ability to find humor in everyday situations really connects with the audience.

Shivanjali Porje, captivates a huge audience with her reel “Blink & Express.” Her expressive features and charming smile have won over 260 million viewers.

This reel, which aligns with a popular Instagram trend, is a great example of how simplicity and genuineness can attract a huge audience.

Another “Learn from Khaby” – 249 Million Views

Here’s Khaby Lame again, with a reel that has 249 million views. This time, he humorously imitates a girl navigating a narrow passage.

His knack for turning ordinary situations into something laugh-worthy is what makes this reel a hit. With over 11.8 million likes, it’s clear that his style of humor is a consistent crowd-pleaser.

“I had the impression the fish was still alive” – 230 Million Views

This reel is a classic Khaby Lame, where he humorously imitates a man (while he’s going fishing) trying to kill a fish that’s already dead.

With 230 million views and nearly 11.5 million likes, this reel shows how humor, especially when unexpected, can be a powerful tool in creating engaging content

What Reels Get The Most Views Statistics

People interact with Instagram Reels 22% more than regular Instagram videos. That means more likes, comments, and shares. It’s clear that users find Reels more interesting and fun to engage with.

The most watched Instagram Reel has more than 289 million views. This huge number shows how popular Reels can be. It tells us that a really good Reel can reach a lot of people.

Instagram Reels usually get between 300 and 800 likes. That’s a lot more than the likes for IGTV and regular video posts, which get around 100 to 200 likes. This means people are liking Reels a lot more than other kinds of videos on Instagram.

About 91% of people on Instagram watch videos every week. This shows how important videos are on Instagram. And with Reels being so popular, they’re a big part of this trend.

The 10 most popular Instagram Reels each have over 100 million views. This highlights that these Reels really connect with people and get a lot of attention.

For smaller Instagram accounts with up to 500 followers, Reels can reach almost 900% more people. In comparison, images reach about 77% of people. This shows that Reels are great for getting noticed, even for smaller accounts.

Instagram Reel’s Reach In 2024

Followers RangeAverage Reached Followers
Up to 500288
500 – 2k753
2k – 10k1,726
10k – 50k6,243
50k – 45m47,851

Source: Statista

For Accounts with Up to 500 Followers:

If your account falls in this range, an average reach of 288 views per Reel is a strong performance. This number is over half of the follower base, indicating a high engagement rate. This is encouraging for new or small-scale creators, highlighting that quality content can resonate well, regardless of follower size.

Between 500 – 2,000 Followers:

Here, the average number of followers jumped to 753. This increase highlights that as your follower base grows, so does your potential reach. This range can be seen as a growth stage where your content starts to reach beyond your immediate follower circle, possibly reaching followers of your followers.

For 2,000 – 10,000 Followers:

An average reach of 1,726 suggests a significant leap. This is the time when momentum starts building when creators release value-adding content on a regular basis.

Accounts with 10,000 – 50,000 Followers:

Jumping to an average of 6,243 views showcases a substantial increase in reach. It reflects that accounts in this bracket are likely more consistently producing content that resonates with a wider audience.

50,000 – 45 Million Followers:

At this level, an average reach is 47,851 which is pretty impressive. It highlights the power of having a vast follower base. For major influencers and brands this means their content can be seen by a large audience and have a wide ranging impact.

Average Reel Views on Instagram 2024

Key Metrics:

  • The most viewed Instagram reel got more than 30 million in just 1 day.
  • The most effective Reel length is 3 to 15 seconds.
  • The most viewed Reel at 289 million views is just 9 seconds.

Most Viewed Instagram Reel in 24 Hours (Examples)

On September 29, 2022, Min Suga, a well-known artist, shared a reel on Instagram. It was a simple video of him playing the keyboard in his hotel room. What happened next was amazing. 

In just 24 hours, this reel got 31.7 million views. It broke the previous record of 28.9 million views, which was held by Taehyung.

Why did so many people watch this reel so quickly?

First, Min Suga is already famous. He has lots of fans who follow what he does. When he posted this reel, all these fans were excited to see it. This shows how famous people can quickly get a lot of attention on social media.

Second, the video was about a real, personal moment. Suga wasn’t on stage; he was in his hotel room. Fans love seeing this side of celebrities. It feels real and close, like a peek into their everyday life.

Third, this shows how popular Instagram Reels are. Reels let people share short, interesting videos. They’re perfect for when you’re quickly scrolling on your phone. People love watching these quick videos.

Finally, this reel shows how fast something can become popular on Instagram. With the right mix – a famous person and an interesting video – a reel can get a lot of views very fast.

So, what Min Suga’s reel did was special. It shows that when you mix fame, real moments, and the power of Instagram Reels, you can get a lot of people watching. It’s a good lesson for anyone who wants to get noticed on social media.

How Many Reel Views is Good

Instagram Reels get more views than regular videos. On average, Reels have a view rate of 2.54%. Regular videos only get about 1.74%. This means people are more likely to watch your Reels. It’s a good chance to catch their attention.

If your Instagram video gets over 100,000 views, that’s viral. This is a big deal because it shows a lot of people are watching and liking your content. Hitting this number can really boost your presence on Instagram.

Posting your Reels at the right time can make a big difference. The best times are between 9 AM – 12 PM, from Monday to Thursday. Why? Because that’s when most people are active on Instagram. Posting during these hours can help more people see your Reels.

The number of followers you have changes how many people see your Reels. Accounts with 500 to 2,000 followers usually see their Reels reach 152% of their audience. But, for accounts with 2,000 to 10,000 followers, the reach drops to 76%. So, smaller accounts have a better chance of reaching more of their followers with Reels.

Average Length of Instagram Reel

For Instagram Reels, shorter often works better. Reels that are 3 to 15 seconds long tend to keep viewers interested from beginning to end.

Instagram lets you make Reels for up to 90 seconds. But, making your Reel this long might make it hard to keep viewers watching the whole time. The main point here is to make your content interesting enough so people want to watch all of it.

The most viewed Instagram Reel, with 289 million views and over 12 million likes, is just nine seconds long. This shows that short, direct content really works. It gets people’s attention fast and keeps it.

When picking how long your Reel should be, think about what you’re sharing. A 60-second Reel is great for sharing more informative content. Whereas, if you want to share some quick info with your audience in a fun and engaging way then a 15 or 30-second Reel is better.

How Many Instagram Reels Per Day 2024

Key Metrics:

  • Instagram suggests posting 5-7 Reels per week for consistent engagement.
  • 1,000 views on an Instagram Reel is a solid performance for smaller accounts.
  • Over 200 billion Reels are played daily across Facebook and Instagram.

How Many Reels Per Day

Instagram suggests posting 5-7 Reels per week. This recommendation highlights the importance of consistent engagement with your audience. Regular posting keeps your brand visible and helps build a loyal following.

Achieving 1,000 views on an Instagram Reel is a solid performance, especially for small businesses or individuals who are new to the platform. This benchmark shows that even with a smaller audience, you can make a significant impact. 

On average, active brands on Instagram post about 17 times per month. This statistic provides a good target for businesses aiming to maintain an effective online presence.

With over 200 billion Reels played daily across Facebook and Instagram, the format’s popularity is undeniable. This massive number shows the global reach and impact of Reels.

Most brands post on Instagram 2-3 times per week, and limit to 1-2 posts per day. This strategy helps maintain a consistent presence without overloading followers. It’s about quality over quantity – making each post count.

How Many Views is Viral on Reels

Reels that go viral often find their way onto Instagram’s Explore page. This is a big deal because half of Instagram’s users use the Explore page to find new content. 

On Instagram, a Reel is typically considered viral if it gathers over 100,000 likes and views. This number is a key indicator of widespread appeal and engagement.

Instagram Reel Growth

Key Metrics

  • Use 3-5 hashtags on Reels for best results.
  • Reels get 22% more engagement than standard videos.
  • Instagram Reels can gain traction up to 2-3 weeks after posting.

While you can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram Reels, sticking to 3-5 well-chosen ones is often more effective. This approach focuses on quality over quantity. Using fewer, but more relevant hashtags helps target your content to the right audience, making your Reels more discoverable to those most interested.

Instagram Reels tend to receive 22% more engagement compared to standard video posts in the feed. This statistic shows the power of Reels in capturing and holding users’ attention.

According to Hootsuite, a noticeable increase in follower counts often occurs within one to three days after posting a Reel. This trend suggests that Reels have a significant impact on expanding your audience reach.

It’s important to remember that Reels can gain traction even after 2-3 weeks of being posted. So, don’t rush to delete them if they don’t immediately take off.

TikTok vs Instagram Reels Statistics

Key Metrics:

  • TikTok users are most active with higher engagement and content creation compared to Reels and Shorts.
  • Average views are quite close for both TikTok and Reels at 1+ million.
  • Growing influencers experience close to a fifth more user interaction on TikTok compared to other platforms.

A study highlights that TikTok leads in user engagement and content frequency when compared with Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. This finding suggests that TikTok users are more active in both creating and interacting with content.

When it comes to average views, TikTok and Instagram Reels are neck and neck. TikTok averages 1.19+ million views, while Instagram Reels slightly edge out with 1.2+ million. 

Emerging influencers on TikTok see about 18% more engagement when compared to other platforms. This statistic highlights TikTok’s effectiveness among new creators, offering them higher engagement levels which are crucial for building an audience.

Did you know that for creators with over 100,000 followers, TikTok has a higher engagement rate than Instagram Reels, as of September 2023? This suggests that TikTok might be more favorable for creators with a substantial following, potentially providing them with a more engaged audience.

Instagram Reels has an average watch rate of 13.08%, surpassing TikTok’s 9.06%. This indicates that Instagram users tend to watch Reels more completely compared to TikTok videos.

There’s a significant difference in views relative to the number of followers between the platforms. Instagram Reels shows a 144% view rate based on the number of followers, while TikTok stands at 24%.

This suggests that on Instagram, content has a higher chance of reaching beyond the creator’s existing follower base, offering greater exposure.

Instagram Reels Users 2024

Key Metrics:

  • Instagram users spend 17.6 million hours daily watching Reels.
  • 91% of Instagram users watch videos weekly.
  • Over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users spend 30 minutes daily on the platform.

Instagram users spend a collective 17.6 million hours watching Reels every day. This impressive figure shows how integral Reels have become in users’ daily social media routines. 

An overwhelming 91% of Instagram users watch videos on the platform weekly. This statistic highlights the popularity of video content among Instagram’s user base.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the top social media platforms. Users spend an average of 30 minutes a day on the platform, indicating a strong, consistent level of engagement. This daily usage time offers ample opportunities for Reels to reach and resonate with a wide audience.

The most active age groups for Reels are users aged 16 to 24 and 25 to 34, each making up about 30% of the Reels audience. This data points to the popularity of Reels among a younger audience base.


We covered a ton of Instagram Reels statistics here. But to quickly recap, it’s essential to note that over 200 billion Reels are played daily across Facebook and Instagram.

Furthermore, Instagram users spend close to 18 million hours watching Reels every day.. That’s a lot of time if we think, right?

So if you want to get more eyeballs to your brand, Reels should be part of your Instagram strategy. Their engagement and reach is massive right now.