Live Streaming Statistics 2024 (how many people stream on twitch)

Live streaming is really taking off. 

Did you know that the live streaming industry crossed the 1.49 billion mark in 2023? That’s up from $1.24 billion the year before.

Also, right now, big platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch are where most people go for live streaming. For example, over 8.5 million live shows have been on Facebook Live. That’s a lot of people sharing and watching!

To get the full picture of how big live streaming has become and to explore some cool live streaming statistics, keep reading.

Live Streaming Statistics 2024 (Top Picks)

  • Chandrayaan 3 Mission Soft Landing was the most viewed YouTube livestream ever with over 8 million viewers.
  • Ibai holds the top 2 most viewed Twitch streams with over 3.4 million and 3.3 million viewers.
  • Over half of streaming service users, 52%, choose YouTube.
  • Live streams for online learning increased 120% from 2021 to 2022.
  • Gaming and esports makeup 54% of live streaming content.
  • Live streaming market reached $1.49 billion in 2023.
  • 41.2% watch home product live streams, 37.5% watch electronics.
  • 27 hours 26 minutes spent monthly on YouTube per person in Q2 2023
  • 37% of 18-34 year olds chose YouTube Live for streaming in the U.S.

Most Viewed Livestream

Key Metrics:

  • Chandrayaan 3 Mission Soft Landing was the most viewed YouTube livestream ever with over 8 million viewers.
  • Ibai holds the top 2 most viewed Twitch streams ever, with over 3.4 million and 3.3 million viewers each.
  • TheGrefg had two massively popular Fortnite streams on Twitch with over 2.4 million and 1.7 million viewers.

Top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Livestream

Views (in millions)Streams
8.09Chandrayaan 3 Mission Soft Landing (ISRO)
6.142022 Quarter Finals Brazil vs Croatia
5.202022 Brazil vs. South Korea World Cup
4.79Vasco da Gama vs Flamengo
4.08Crew Demo-2 (SpaceX)

Source: Dexerto

1. Chandrayaan 3 Mission Soft Landing (ISRO)

India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission was a major event. Over 8 million people around the world watched its soft landing live. With this space mission, India got the title of first country ever to reach the moon’s south pole. It was a big moment for India and the world, especially in the space exploration sector.

2. 2022 Quarter Finals Brazil vs Croatia (World Cup)

The FIFA World Cup 2022’s quarter-final match between Brazil and Croatia was a huge deal. Over 6 million people tuned in to watch. This match was intense, with Croatia beating Brazil, a team loved by millions. The high views show just how much people love football and big World Cup matches.

3. 2022 Brazil vs. South Korea World Cup

Another big World Cup 2022 game: Brazil vs. South Korea. Over 5 million watched Brazil win to move to the quarter-finals. This match was a step before the one with Croatia and shows Brazil’s popularity in football. It’s clear that World Cup games get a lot of attention on YouTube Live.

4. Vasco da Gama vs Flamengo

This football match between Rio de Janeiro clubs Flamengo and Vasco da Gama was watched by nearly 4.8 million people. Flamengo won this match. The high viewership shows that local football matches in Brazil are just as exciting to viewers as international ones.

5. Crew Demo-2 (SpaceX)

The Crew Demo-2 by SpaceX was a landmark event. It was the first crewed test flight of the Crew Dragon spacecraft. Over 4 million people watched this historic launch. It highlights that space missions, especially those with new milestones, are incredibly popular on YouTube Live.

Top 5 Most Viewed Twitch Livestream

Views (in millions)Streamer

Source: Dexerto

1. Ibai’s Record-Breaking Stream

Ibai, a Spanish streamer, set a huge record with 3.44 million viewers. This happened during his event ‘La Velada del Año 3’. It shows how popular Ibai is. His event was so exciting that millions tuned in, making it the most-watched Twitch stream ever.

2. Ibai’s Previous Record

Before his top record, Ibai had another huge stream. This one had 3.36 million viewers. It’s amazing that Ibai holds both the first and second spots. It tells us that he knows how to create streams that people really want to watch.

3. TheGrefg Reveals Fortnite Skin

TheGrefg, another Spanish streamer, had a big moment with 2.47 million viewers. This was when he revealed his new Fortnite skin. People love Fortnite, and a big reveal like this was super exciting. It drew in millions who wanted to see it first.

4. Another Big Stream by TheGrefg

TheGrefg also had another popular stream with 1.75 million views. He’s clearly a big name on Twitch, especially for Fortnite fans. His streams pull in lots of viewers who are eager to see what he’s up to.

5. Ibai’s Third Top Stream

Ibai makes the list again with a stream that had 1.5 million views. This shows how consistently popular he is. People keep coming back to watch his streams, proving he’s a top entertainer on Twitch.

Streaming Services Statistics 2024

PlatformPercentage of Users (%)

Source: Insider Intelligence


Speaking of streaming services, YouTube is clearly the top leader.  Over half of the people using streaming services choose YouTube. This is huge! It shows that YouTube is the go-to place for a lot of people. They’re there to watch videos, live streams, and more. 


Facebook is right up there too. Almost 43% of streaming service users go to Facebook. This shows that Facebook isn’t just for chatting and sharing photos. People also use it a lot for watching videos and live streams. It’s a big part of what people do on Facebook.

Instagram and TikTok

Instagram and TikTok are both at the third spot. Each has 33.4% of people using them for streaming. This is interesting because these platforms are newer than YouTube and Facebook. But they’ve quickly become popular places to watch videos and live streams. Especially with younger people who love short, fun videos.

Streaming Services Statistics and Data

First off, let’s talk about Twitter. About half of the people watching live videos on Twitter are younger than 25 years old. That’s a big deal! It means young folks are really into seeing live stuff happening on Twitter. Whether it’s breaking news, sports, or just fun videos, Twitter’s live feature is a hit with the under-25 crowd.

Now, onto Facebook. Did you know that Facebook has spent over $50 million to get publishers and celebrities to use Facebook Live? That’s a lot of money! They’re paying the creators to create live videos on Facebook. Why? Because Facebook wants to make sure they have lots of interesting live content for people to watch. 

Let’s not forget about Facebook Live’s success in America. It’s the number one live video streaming platform in the US, with 17% of the market share. 

Live Video Statistics 2024

Key Metrics:

  • 23% of video watching time is now live content, indicating a shift in preference.
  • 70% of viewers prefer YouTube for live streaming its popularity.
  • 80% of viewers now prefer live streams over reading articles, highlighting visual content’s importance.

A remarkable 23% of all the time people around the world spend watching videos is dedicated to live content. This suggests a significant shift in viewing preferences. 

When it comes to choosing a platform for live streaming, a whopping 70% of viewers show a preference for YouTube. This highlights YouTube’s strong position in the market, likely due to its user-friendly interface, wide range of content, and the familiarity people have with the platform. 

Streaming live video content through social media platforms is a trend embraced by 52% of live video viewers. This shows the important role social media plays in live streaming space.

Interestingly, 80% of viewers say they prefer watching live streams over reading blogs and articles. This trend highlights the growing importance of visual and interactive content.

Facebook Live Streaming Usage Statistics 2024

Key Metrics:

  • More than 8.5 million broadcasts were made on Facebook Live, showing its popularity.
  • 15% of all content on Facebook is video, including live videos, demonstrating the importance of video.
  • Facebook Live is the 3rd most popular choice for watching live streams in the US, attracting a wide range of ages.

Did you know that More than 8.5 million broadcasts were made on Facebook Live. That’s a lot! It shows us how popular Facebook Live has become.

People and businesses are using it to share events, stories, and updates. It has turned into a tool that makes sharing live videos easy and accessible to everyone.

And here’s another stat: 15% of all the stuff you see on Facebook is video content. This includes live videos too. This shows us how important videos are on Facebook. People like watching and sharing videos, making Facebook a go-to place for this kind of content.

Facebook Live is the third most popular choice for watching live streams in the US. Especially for people aged 35 to 54, with 29% of them using it. This tells us that Facebook Live is not just for young people. It’s a platform that attracts a wide range of ages, making it a great place for content that appeals to different groups.

Let’s talk about how people engage with live videos on Facebook. Almost half of the interactions are likes (48%). This is huge!

It shows that people really enjoy what they’re watching. Besides likes, 20% leave comments, 16% share the videos with others, and another 20% use the heart icon to appreciate the content.

This variety of reactions shows that Facebook Live videos really get people involved.

Twitch Statistics

Key Metrics:

  • About 73% of Twitch users are under 35 years old.
  • Every day, 30 million people use Twitch.
  • The most watched content on Twitch by far is League of Legends, with over 42 billion hours viewed.

Twitch Stream Stats

In 2022, people watched 1.35 trillion minutes on Twitch. That’s a huge number! It’s even more than double the time spent on YouTube Gaming Live and Facebook Gaming put together. This tells us that Twitch is super popular.

Another interesting stat: About 73% of Twitch users are under 35 years old. This means most Twitch viewers are pretty young.

As far as most watched content goes, League of Legends is the big hit on Twitch. People watched it for 42.55 billion hours. It shows how popular this game is on Twitch. 

Here’s another interesting stat: Twitch made $1.54 billion in a year. It shows how successful Twitch is. Not just in getting viewers but also in making money. This big earning points to Twitch being a major player in the streaming industry.

Now speaking Twitch Stream stats, it’s also important to consider the best days to stream. Well, streams get the most viewers on Sundays. Saturdays are also good. But Mondays? Not so much. They have the fewest viewers. This tells us when people like to watch streams the most. If you’re planning to stream, doing it on the weekend will be the best time to get a lot of viewers.

Twitch Broadcaster Stats

Did you know that the US has the most Twitch viewers? This means a lot of people in the US love watching streams on Twitch. 

And as far as Twitch users go, every day, 30 million people use Twitch. Again, it highlights the massive popularity of the twitch platform.

On average, there are 107,800 channels streaming at the same time on Twitch. This stat gives us an idea of how many options are available for viewers at any moment.

There are nearly 7 million active streamers on Twitch. That’s a lot of people sharing their gaming skills, hobbies, or just chatting. This variety makes Twitch a vibrant and diverse platform.

Video Streaming Statistics 2022

Key Metrics:

  • Live streams for online learning up 120% from 2021 to 2022.
  • 30.4% aged 16-64 watch at least 1 live stream per week.
  • 490,000 unique gaming channels on YouTube Gaming in 2022.

Here’s something cool: live streams for online learning went up by 120% from 2021 to 2022. This huge increase shows us that a lot of people are turning to the internet to learn new things. With schools and courses going online, live streaming has become a key tool for education

According to a report, 30.4% of folks aged 16 to 64 watch at least one live stream every week. That’s almost 1 in 3 people in this age group! It shows that watching live streams is a regular activity for many people. They’re tuning in weekly to catch their favorite streams.

In 2022, there were 490,000 unique channels streaming on YouTube Gaming. This is a big number! It means there are tons of different gaming channels for viewers to choose from. People who love gaming have a huge variety of streams to watch on YouTube Gaming.

Streaming Industry Market Share

Key Metrics:

  • 54% of live streams are gaming and esports.
  • Live streaming industry revenue to grow 8.86% yearly from 2023-2028.
  • Video streaming service users to reach 21.3% of population by 2028.

Live Streaming Industry

CategoryPercentage of Live Streaming Content (%)
Gaming and Esports54
Entertainment Industry17
Professional Content9
Everyday Life (Vlogging)6

Source: Restream

Gaming and Esports

More than half of live streaming is all about gaming and esports. That’s 54% of all live streams. This is big! It tells us that people love watching video games and esports competitions. These streams are super popular because they’re exciting and fun.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry, like music, talk shows, and movies, makes up 17% of live streams. This is pretty significant. It shows that aside from gaming, people also enjoy watching live entertainment.

Professional Content

Professional content, like webinars, conferences, and educational streams, accounts for 9%. This is interesting because it shows that live streaming isn’t just for fun. It’s also used for learning and professional growth. People tune in to learn something new or get insights from experts.

Everyday Life (Vlogging)

Vlogs about everyday life make up 6% of live streams. This might seem small, but it’s important. It means people are interested in the real, day-to-day lives of others. 

Live Streaming Growth

The live streaming industry’s revenue is set to grow a lot. It’s expected to increase by 8.86% each year from 2023 to 2028. By 2028, the market could be worth $146.60 billion. This shows us that the live streaming industry is growing steadily and becoming a big part of how we watch videos and shows.

Did you know that by 2028, about 1.7 billion people might be using video streaming services. It means more and more people are getting into watching shows and videos online.

In 2023, 17% of people are using video streaming services. By 2028, this could go up to 21.3%. This statistic tells us that a bigger part of the population is starting to use these services.

Live Streaming Business Statistics

Key Metrics:

  • Live streaming market reached $1.49 billion in 2023, up from $1.24 billion.
  • Live commerce to make up 10-20% of online shopping by 2026.
  • 41.2% watch home product live streams, 37.5% watch electronics.

The live streaming market is growing fast. In 2023, it reached $1.49 billion, up from $1.24 billion the year before. This jump shows that live streaming is becoming more popular in business. More companies are using it, and more people are tuning in.

Live commerce, where people sell products during live streams, is getting big. By 2026, it might make up 10 to 20 percent of all online shopping. It means that shopping during live streams is becoming a favorite way for people to buy things

When it comes to live shopping, 41.2% of people watch streams about home products. Things like furniture and home decor. And 37.5% watch streams about electronics. This tells us what kind of products people like to buy from live streams. Home goods and tech stuff are really popular.

In the US, live stream shopping is still growing. Only 18% of Americans have shopped this way, and just 6% do it often. This means there’s a lot of room for growth in this sector.

YouTube Livestream Stats

Key Metrics

  • 27 hours 26 minutes spent monthly on YouTube per person in Q2 2023.
  • 37% of 18-34 year old live stream viewers in the U.S. chose YouTube Live.
  • Gaming live streams viewership increasing each quarter of 2023 on YouTube Live.

YouTube was super popular in Q2 2023. People spent an average of 27 hours and 26 minutes per month on it. That’s a lot of time! It shows that YouTube is a go-to place for many when it comes to watching videos and live streams.

In the U.S., 37% of live stream viewers between 18 and 34 years old chose YouTube Live for streaming. This tells us that YouTube Live is really popular with younger adults. They’re tuning in to watch live content on YouTube, making it a favorite among this age group.

Live streams about gaming got even more attention on YouTube Live in 2023. Each quarter, more and more people watched gaming streams compared to 2022. This increase shows that gaming is a big deal on YouTube. People love watching live gaming streams, and it’s becoming a bigger part of what YouTube Live offers.

Some YouTube channels shared that they make over three million dollars from live stream features like Super Chat. It means that creators can earn a lot of money from their live streams. Super Chat, where viewers pay to highlight their messages, is a great way for creators to make money while streaming.


How Many People Stream on Twitch?

A lot of people are streaming on Twitch. There are about 7 million active Twitch streamers on the platform. This means there are millions of different channels and streamers sharing their gaming, chatting, and other content. 

What is the Most Viewers on a Live Stream?

The most viewers on a live stream were seen on YouTube. The Chandrayaan 3 Mission Soft Landing by ISRO had over 8.09 million viewers.

How Many People Use Streaming Services?

Lots of people use streaming services. Specifically, about 52% of users watch streams on YouTube, making it the most popular platform.

Facebook follows with 42.6%, and Instagram and TikTok each have 33.4% of users streaming on their platforms. This shows that streaming is a big part of online video watching.

Largest Live Streaming Platforms

The largest live streaming platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. While YouTube leads in this category, Facebook is also big in live streaming, especially with 29% of viewers aged 35 to 54 using Facebook Live.

Most Watched Twitch Stream

The most-watched Twitch stream was by Spanish streamer Ibai, with 3.44 million viewers. This record was set during his ‘La Velada del Año 3’ event. Ibai is known for creating engaging and exciting content, which has made him hugely popular on Twitch.


So there you have it! Let’s quickly recap some standout stats about live streaming:

Half of Twitter’s live video viewers are under 25, showing how young audiences are drawn to live content.

52% of streaming service users pick YouTube, highlighting its massive appeal. Meanwhile, Facebook Live, as the leading platform in the US, holds 17% of the market share, showing its solid presence.

In a nutshell, live streaming is really growing at a rapid pace, especially on social media platforms. No doubt, live streaming has become a major part of our online experience.