Browser Market Share 2023 -2024: How many people use firefox?

There are 5.19 billion internet users worldwide. On average, they spend 6 hours and 40 minutes on the internet. Understanding how these users interact with the internet and the medium they use can help you reach them.  The most obvious way of connecting to the internet is through a browser, specifically on the desktop. Your … Read more

AI Statistics 2023 -2024: How many AI are there in the world?

AI is taking the world by storm. This new-age technology has grossed $86.9 billion in revenue and its market size is believed to reach $407 billion by 2027. Each day, there is an update about another AI breakthrough and how it is going to change our lives. From 2023 to 2030 the global Artificial Intelligence … Read more

Search Engine Market Share (By Country) 2024

Source: Statcounter Google owns 91.56% of the search engine market share as of September 2023. In comparison, the second biggest competitor – Bing- only owns 3.03%.  While this is the global market share of search engines, things are slightly different at the country level. You might think Google overpowers other search engines in every region, … Read more

Online Shopping Statistics 2024: How Many People Shop Online?

Source: Insiderintelligence From 2022 to 2023, 80 million more people have joined as an eCommerce buyer. This rounds up to 2.64 billion people shopping online in 2023. With a 3.1% year-over-year increase, this means 33.4% of the world is at least signed up to one eCommerce platform.  Why wouldn’t they? Online shopping means: Do you … Read more

UX Statistics 2023 – 2024: Poor User experience

Visual impressions impact every facet of businesses of all sizes and industries. According to the findings of a Google research, users react visually for the first 50 milliseconds when visiting a webpage.  That is just one part of the many dimensions where user experience (UX) can make or break business profitability and growth.  In this … Read more

Branding Statistics 2024: How many brands are there?

Living in a world where there were estimated to be approximately 333.34 million companies worldwide in 2021, have you ever wondered just how many brands there are in the world? There are approximately 58.42 million brands in existence worldwide today.  Brand Awareness Statistics 2024 branding statistics #1: 50% Favor the Familiar An astonishing 50% of … Read more

Average Time Spent on Social Media in 2024 

While the rapid growth of Internet users has stabilized in 2024, the social media user numbers are still on an upward trajectory.  According to the GWI Global Social Media Trends Report, social media time has increased by 2% or 3 minutes globally in 2023 since last year. Yet, internet use seems to be down by … Read more

Youtube Statistics 2024: how many people use youtube?

Did you know that YouTube ranks second as a search engine after Google? Be it brands or influencers, everyone has jumped into the platform to create content or run Ads. As per a source by Oberlo in 2023, an average YouTube user spends about 46.5 minutes on YouTube. 62% of internet users in the US … Read more

Podcast Statistics 2023-2024: How Many Podcasts Are There ?

During the global pandemic, the podcasting industry experienced a massive boom. There are 464.7 million worldwide podcast listeners and expected to grow 504.9 million by 2024. By the end of 2023, 103.6 million people in the US are estimated to engage in weekly podcast listening, which is roughly one third of the nation’s population. 88 percent of … Read more