Reddit Users Statistics 2023-2024: How many subreddits are there in 2023?

Reddit has 57 million daily active users. This means 1.13% out of 5.03 billion internet users check Reddit every day. While the numbers aren’t mindblowing, Reddit is the gateway to niche users.  


Reddit is one of the few well-known private platforms in the world. While Reddit was set to become open to the public in 2021 with a market value of $10 billion, the CEO, Steve Huffman, postponed it.

Being private works in Reddit’s favor for the most part, especially considering the nature of the content it can and does host. The platform sees less censorship all across the board, unlike Instagram or Facebook.

This invites a certain demographic of users to Reddit. If you are a marketer planning on tackling the platform instead of only lurking for consumer opinion, the Reddit users’ statistics and trends can help you determine how to interact with Redditors. 

Reddit User 2023 -2024: Demographics

Source: Meltwater

If the traditional social platforms aren’t working, the obvious choice for business expansion is Reddit. It’s the most popular forum in the world and the 17th most popular social media platform in the world

It’s also a search engine of sorts for internet users who couldn’t find their answer on the first page of Google. In fact, Reddit gets 4.79 billion monthly visits for this reason.  1.39 billion unique visitors open the platform every month. 

The only reason Reddit is lower in social media ranking is because it loses to region-specific social media platforms such as WeChat and Doyuin. This is why it is the 9th most popular platform in the US. Even in brand awareness, it is the 9th most popular platform, with 66% of internet users knowing it exists. 

However, if you are going to market to Redditors, you would have to forget the traditional social media tactics. Redditors recognize marketers in an instant and don’t like being sold to. A lot of which can be explained by the gender spread, age, and country of Redditors. 

You have to do sneaky promotions on Reddit. Posting only product or service-related content while not contributing to the discussion could lead to suspension. 

Do it right, and you will get more than Reddit users as customers. You will also get customers who came from searching for a service on Google and stumbled upon your post on Reddit. 

Reddit Users 2023-2024: By Gender and Age

Source: Statista

According to Statista, 63.8% of Reddit users are male, while 36.2% of users are female. 

36% of Reddit users are between 18 to 29 years old. The next largest age group is 30 to 49 years old, making up 22%. 10% fall into the 50 to 64 age range.

Considering 33.8% of internet users are 25 to 34 year olds, and 22.8% of internet users are 18 to 24 years, Reddit’s age distribution makes total sense. It coincides with the overall prominent age group on the internet. 

In fact, Reddit has an equally encouraging number for the 30+ age group. Especially with 3% of people over 65 being on the platform. Conversely, only 5.5% of internet users are over 65 years old. 

This would mean Reddit gets more than ⅔ share of the age group. It’s because Reddit is still a forum. It is built and acts like a forum, even if there is a social media quality to it. 

Older users are more used to the interface of a forum than most modern-day social media platforms. 

An even deeper look into the age group reveals Reddit users over the age of 70 are all male. The age group 65 to 69 also shows a similar trend, with 88.2% male users and 11.8% female users. 

The 60 to 64 age range has the most, even distribution of male and female users, though the difference is still at 64.6% and 35.4%. It seems women in this age range either finally have the time to relax or become more interest in Reddit’s brand of gossip. 

From 16 to 19 year old, 20 to 24 year old, and 25 to 29 year old, male Reddit users remain an overwhelming majority at 77.3%, 74.4%, and 73.4% respectively. Meanwhile, female users in this age range make up about 22.7%, 25.6%, and 26.6% of users for each age group. 

According to the Reddit Blog, Gen Z makes up 26% of Reddit users. 8 billion of Reddit’s monthly views is from Gen Z. 

Gen Z’s reason for loving the platform? 51% said they like the platform is user-driven, rather than catering to advertisers. 60% believe if a topic is big on Reddit, it is big in the real world and other internet communities. 

Source: Reddit Blog

In US, 11% of the total adults use Reddit. Of them, 22% fall into the 18 to 29 year age range, which is, again, the largest age group from the US in Reddit. 

Although, this is from a study which determined the US user demographic of Reddit based on self-reported numbers. For example, 13 to 17 year olds made a total of 683 posts claiming they are 14, 15, etc., 

642 posts were made by people 18 to 20 year olds. Considering this is the age range which often posts about an issue they have, this is expected. 831 posts were made where the users confessed to a number between 21 to 54. 

As such, these posts might not paint the full picture of the actual age range of American users on Reddit. 

Another study reveals 70% of US Reddit users are white. Black users make up 7% of the Reddit platform, while Hispanic users make up 12%. 

Usually, black users are more active in social forums than Hispanic users. This change is mostly because the nature of Reddit could become an unsafe space for racial minorities at times. Its forum-like structure means there is a lower level of regulation as to what gets posted and approved. 

Now, Reddit does have moderators who took up the job of their own accord. However, this is a hobby for most, and they are prone to their own biases. 

Whenever you post on Reddit, you need to ensure you meet the guidelines for the particular subreddit. Otherwise, Reddit moderators won’t hesitate to close your post. 

Reddit Users 2023-2024: By Country

Source: Statista

47.89% of Reddit’s desktop traffic comes from the US. In the second position is the UK, barely taking up 7.13% of Reddit’s desktop user base. Meanwhile, Canada has 6.98% of desktop users on Reddit, which isn’t far off the UK. 

  • 4.14% of desktop Reddit users log in from Australia. 
  • Germany shares the lowest numbers at 3.19%. 

The overall trends points towards a primary English-speaking user base. The non-primarily English speakers on Reddit come from Germany and India. In fact, India contributed to 1.3% of Reddit’s traffic in 2021, though the numbers are unknown for 2023. 

Considering Reddit barely accounts for 1.66% of social media website traffic in the US, it’s interesting the US is the country with the highest number of Reddit visitors at 59.28%

However, traffic does not equal the highest number of users or monthly active users on Reddit, though it is likely the US takes the cake there, too. Reddit’s monthly visitor number makes sense when you take into account its function as a search engine and an information source. 

The platform likely has more lurkers than active users. Although, Reddit seems to be on a mission to convert mobile visitors to signed users, as Reddit doesn’t let users scroll for long on the mobile browsers without signing in or downloading the Reddit app.  

Reddit Users By Device 2023-2024

Source: Semrush

In general, there is a trend of users in each country opening the device on mobile more rather than on desktop. 92.42% of Indian users open Reddit on their mobile. The same is noticed in the US, the UK, and Canada, where 81.61%, 79.72%, and 79.66% of users use their phone to access Reddit, respectively. 

As such, the total share of Reddit’s desktop traffic is 19.1% globally. Mobile users overwhelm by 80.9%. 

Source: Semrush

Even more interesting is the traffic sources to and from Reddit. 52.78% of traffic to Reddit comes from Google searches. Meanwhile, 34.78% is direct Reddit traffic. 

This means there are more people searching for something on Google who end up on Reddit than Redditors who like lurking on the platform. Other traffic source to Reddit includes YouTube, DuckDuckGo, and Bing at 1.03%, 0.91%, and 0.85% for this reason. 

Similarly, Reddit redirects 22.72% of its traffic back to Google. Which could mean the searchers find something on Reddit and get new questions, which they end up searching back again on Google. 

8.21% of Reddit click on a link which takes them to YouTube. A lot of subreddits have video game tutorials, animation tricks, etc. which they upload on YouTube and post the link on Reddit. And so, 77.3% of Reddit users are also YouTube users. 

3.57% of Reddit’s traffic routes to Imgur, which is like a site for viral meme curation. Another 3.48% go to RedGIFs, which is a porn site and speaks to Reddit’s refusal to censor. 

The last 1.89%% of Reddit’s traffic is directed to Twitter. Considering Redditors share lots of posts from Twitter – sometimes to discuss, other times to make fun- this is a given. Considering 72.41% of Reddit users are also Twitter users, it points towards specific similarities in interests. 

Oddly enough, only 20% of Twitter users are also Reddit users. This is because Twitter has 4 times more active users than Reddit. 

Quora, which is the default competitor to Reddit, does not seem to get any traffic from the platform. This is not because Reddit users are somehow conscious of Quora. It’s because the audience is truly different. 

In fact, Reddit users might scoff at Quora answers. Since Quora only gets 1.47 million monthly visits compared to Reddit, maybe it is justified. 

How many Reddit accounts are there?

Source: Statista

503 million of Reddit’s revenue comes from digital advertising. However, 473K premium subscribers contribute another $23 million. 

This is the number willing to pay $49.99 per year to:

  • Go ad-free
  • Get exclusive avatars
  • Get their own app icon
  • Access the r/lounge subreddit. 

While it is impossible to figure out how many Reddit accounts exist or how many people use Reddit in total, 473k are confirmed, engaged users. 

You can’t target them with ads, but you can catch their eyes with organic posts. 

You can look forward to a demographic with a household income of more than $75,000 per year at 26%. 20% of Reddit users earn $50,000 to 75,000 per year. 

Meanwhile, 17% of Reddit users have an earning falling in the $30,000 to $50,000 range. About 10% earn less than $30,000 per annum. 

This makes Reddit an excellent choice for marketers, as the majority of Reddit users 2023 seem to have a stable lifestyle. In fact, the lifestyle is what allows them to invest in their niche pursuits on the website. 

How many subreddits are there in 2023?

Source: Reddit

Reddit has over 100K active communities, with over 13 billion posts and comments on these subs. 

If you are a Reddit user, you can create a subreddit of your own. The requirements for a user to get the privilege are low. Reddit demands your account should be more than 30 days old and have a specific amount of positive Karma (Reddit points). 

However, Reddit does not disclose how many Karma a member needs to open a subreddit, to keep the spam subs to a minimum. Theoretically, you can create a subreddit for your brand if it has enough recognition. 

You can even create more than one subreddit on the same topic. Of course, these subreddits find themselves in competition when too many of the same names are available. 

In fact, over 50,000 subreddits pop up every month. As such, according to Front Page Stats, there are over 3.5 million subreddits created and active till date. 

The most popular subreddit is r/funny with 53 million members. Almost predictable, as Redditors share funny things which happen to them, something they came across on the internet, or ridicule others to some degree. 

r/AskReddit is the second most popular subreddit with questions of any kind are accepted. These could be general questions or niche questions. Despite having 43 million members, this is not a subreddit you will want to frequent. The questions are too frequent and broad to gain any real traffic. 

r/gaming, r/aww, and r/worldnews are some of the other popular subreddits with 38 million, 35 million, and 33 million members respectively. The gaming subreddit will lead you to further niche subreddits in games.

 One of the most popular gaming subreddits, r/RPG, has 1.5 million members. This is the ideal number to target if it’s where your target audience is. 

If your brand has anything to do with finance, you could gain a significant following from posting on r/wallstreetbets, which has 14 million members. 

Subreddits like r/Thriftstorehauls have 2.7 million members. If you are a small business operating in the fashion industry, this is your scene. 

But learning about the popular subreddits isn’t enough. In fact, you should avoid subs with over 1 million users if you don’t have something you believe would go truly viral. Otherwise, you simply risk getting lost in the sea of posts. 

More so since Reddit has a system where posts users relate to get upvoted, taking the top of the page for days. The opposite happens to posts users have no interest in. 

But when should you post to get maximum visibility? Well, time zones are a tricky thing to get right. However, according to an analysis by Social Rise on Reddit’s peak hours, for the Asian audience, you should post at 4 p.m. on a Monday. 

Source: Social Rise

From Tuesday to Saturday, the peak hours are 1 pm to 2 pm. These are also the lunch times in many corporate offices. On Sunday, Reddit users open the app around 5 p.m. after a leisure day. 

In the US, Reddit users are most active between 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. This is the time they are commuting or getting started with office work. 

Reddit isn’t like one of those platforms where if you post or reply enough at a particular time, your audience will tune in regularly. There is no analytics to determine how well you are doing on the platform, except for the upvotes and replies. 

Your best bet is to have something valuable to write and post at a time when the audience is active on the subreddits. 

You should also take into account the nature of the audience for each sub. The gamer subreddit is likely more active at night, and so are the writers and fiction readers. 

On that note, if you are marketing for an author, Reddit can be a top-tier storytelling platform with its r/NoSleep, r/books, and r/creepy Reddit. The book subreddits have discussions on authors, books, and theories. The story Reddits often have fictional posts formatted like real-life stories. 

Final Thoughts

A Reddit user spends 9 minutes and 58 seconds on the platform on average in each session. While the total time spent on Reddit averages 30 minutes to an hour for users. 

The hours are well around 2 to 5 hours for Redditors who use it as a primary platform. But because we are considering a vast amount of users, who might visit from Google or for specific queries, it comes down to thirty minutes. 

This is your window. You have to achieve your target’s audience attention in these 9 minutes and expand it into an hour with replies and sneaky linking.