Average Screen Time Statistics Per Day (By Age and Country)

People are consuming content all the time in one way or the other through their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Surprisingly, they spend 40% of their time looking at the screen. The global average for screen time today is 6 hours and 57 minutes. In the U.S. the average screen time is 7 hours and 4 … Read more

Instagram Reels Statistics 2024 (how many reels per day)

Did you know that Instagram Reels get 22% more engagement than normal videos? One Instagram Reel even got over 12 million likes. Also, over 90% of users watch Instagram videos every week. All these stats highlight how powerful the Instagram reels can be in reaching a wide audience base. Ready to explore some of the … Read more

eBay Statistics For 2024 (2023)- how many people use ebay

eBay is the second-most visited eCommerce site and the site with the second most mobile traffic worldwide. The marketplace is also present in 190 countries, though its strongest market is in the US and the UK.  eBay started off as an auction site, where second hand goods would be sold to the highest bidder. Now, … Read more

Video Consumption Statistics 2024 (Average video consumption per user)

The average attention span of someone consuming videos is 47 seconds in 2023. It’s a coin toss whether decreased attention span is contributing to shortening video length or vice versa.  People’s video consumption habits are changing rapidly, as are the videos available online to accommodate them.  Video Consumption Trends 2024 (Highlights) Video Consumption Trends 2024 … Read more

Internet Statistics 2024 (How many people use the internet)

Source: Statista 65.7% of the world is on the internet in 2023. UN’s Sustainable Development Goals aim to get internet access to everyone worldwide by 2030.  This is how the number of internet users has changed over the years: Year Number Of Users  2005 1.02 billion 2006 1.14 billion 2007 1.36 billion 2008 1.54 billion 2009 … Read more

Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics 2024 (Average Website Conversion Rate)

Did you know only almost 1 in 5 businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates? Typically the average website conversion rate hovers between 1%-4%. Here’s how it’s been over the years: Average conversation rate is 2.27% 2.42% IRP Commerce 2020 (retrieved Dec 2023) 1.84% Wolfgang Digital (2020) 3.2% Unbounce (2020) 2.42% OrderMetrics (2019) 1.91% Monetate … Read more

Live Streaming Statistics 2024 (how many people stream on twitch)

Live streaming is really taking off.  Did you know that the live streaming industry crossed the 1.49 billion mark in 2023? That’s up from $1.24 billion the year before. Also, right now, big platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch are where most people go for live streaming. For example, over 8.5 million live shows have … Read more

Shopify Statistics 2024 (How many customers does shopify have)

From 42,000 merchants in 2012, Shopify has grown to over 1.7 million merchants currently using the platform to sell their products online. 28% ecommerce websites online use Shopify. Furthermore, there are more than 4 million live shopify stores around the globe. Read on till the end to explore more interesting shopify statistics. Shopify Statistics 2024 … Read more

Content Marketing Statistics 2024 (Trends, B2B & ROI)

On average, it takes almost 4 hours to put together a blog post. And this is just an average. It takes significantly more time and effort to create a high-quality content piece. Luckily, that time pays off! Businesses that blog get over twice as many leads as ones that don’t. Video is also taking over … Read more