Instagram Statistics 2023-2024: How many people use instagram?

Instagram is on nearly everyone’s smartphone these days. From snapping food pics or catching up on the latest trends, Instagram is a daily go-to for billions of people worldwide. As per the latest data, Instagram is seeing substantial growth year over year. From a total user base of 1.21 billion in 2021, it’s projected that … Read more

How Many People Have Smartphones 2023-2024?

Ever wondered how ubiquitous smartphones have become worldwide? In 2023, the globe boasts a staggering 7.33 billion mobile phone users, whereas out of them 6.92 billion of the world’s population, are proud owners of smartphones.  In 2013, global mobile phone shipments surpassed smartphones, but by 2023, a dramatic shift occurred, with 1.34 billion smartphones outpacing … Read more

Chatbot Statistics 2023-2024: How many chatbots are there?

Chatbots are becoming increasingly important for businesses worldwide to streamline their everyday operations, improve operational efficiency, and gain higher return on investments. So much so, Gartner predicts that chatbots will become a primary platform in customer service by as early as 2027. Chatbots have become these massive digital assistants that the commercial world cannot have … Read more

Small Business Statistics 2023-2024: How many SMB’s in USA and Worldwide

In 2023, small businesses constituted a substantial share of the global economy, representing over 90% of all businesses on a global scale. Moreover, they play a vital role in generating approximately 50% of the world’s total employment. The small business statistics for 2023 not only reveal effective strategies but also provide valuable insights into the … Read more

Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2023 – 2024: (Revenue, Industry) 

Affiliate marketing is a structure which benefits both the marketer/ advertiser and the affiliate. Marketers don’t have to spend anything out of their initial budget until the affiliate generates sales. Affiliates can get a commission every time someone buys a product they are promoting from their link.  It is close to influencer marketing, and there … Read more

PPC Stats 2023 -2024: For Advertisers and SMBs in (Revenue, Google ads)

Search advertising is expected to reach $190.5 billion in global spending in 2024, compared to $164.6 billion in 2022. But Pay-per-click (PPC) is not only search. The advertisement model, while mainly mentioned with search, also works on video ads, displays, image ads, and paid socials. PPC Statistics 2023 -2024 (Highlights) Source: Wordstream According to Google, … Read more

Voice Search Statistics 2023 -2024: How many people use Siri?

Voice search is quickly becoming a standard feature in households across the globe. In fact, by 2024, it’s expected that 8.4 billion people will use voice search. Currently, billions of voice-activated devices are in operation — a figure that is projected to rise significantly in the near future. The voice recognition market is expected to … Read more